Heracles of Thessaloniki is the oldest and most historic club in Northern Greece that has a Synchronized Swimming Department.
The Synchronized Swimming Department was established in 1995. In its early years, the team with a total of 10 athletes did not participate in National championship as it was at an early stage. For the first time Heracles took part in the National championship of 1998 and received the 13th place.

In 2000 the team began to make its first steps towards the top and received the 6th place of the 3rd category (ages 12-15) and 9th place at the age of 8-11. In 2002, the coaching team was upgraded with the accumulation of Dimitra Balakera, Maria Scoura and Fotini Renda, while Natalia Nanu and Eugenia Koutsoudis were added later. It is noteworthy that during 2007 and 2008 the number of women has increased dramatically, resulting in a total of about 50 girls who train on a daily basis at the National Swimming Pool.
Since then, the section of synchronized swimming has taken part in national championships of all categories, claiming most of the times the 4th and 5th placement.


The most important athletes of our club are as follows:
• Eugenia Koutsoudis                                                                                                                    • Aggeliki Vouchara
• Victoria Konstantinidou

Eugenia Koutsoudi, born in 1984, has received the 5th place in Senior Group, the 8th place in Group in the Olympic Games, the 5th in Group in Pan-European and the 9th in group in the World Championship. She has also ranked 1st in Group in the Mediterranean Games in Greece, 2nd in France in the Mediterranean Games in France, 3rd in the Women’s World Class 2 in Cairo, 3rd in Group in Istanbul and 3rd in the Combo in Madrid.

Aggeliki Vouchara, born in 1996, won the 1st place in Mediterranean Games (Comen) in Chania, Crete in the Team game and Combo. She also there received the 2nd place in Open Category. She won the 5th place in Team game and Compo in Women’s Pan-Europpean Championship in Belgrade. She also won the 1st and the 2nd place in Mediterranean Games Comen in Italy and the 3rd in Open Category in Mediiterranean Championship.

Viktoria Konstantinidou, born in 1998, took the 3rd place in the technical and figure group at the 2016 Pan-Hellenic championship of synchronized swimming. During the same year she was honored with the 3rd Pan-Hellenic medal at the Combo. Victoria participated as an athlete at the Pan-Hellenic Championships of Synchronized Swimming from 2009 to 2016.

Up to today, in 2017, the team numbers over 70 children trained in the following departments: Early stage, Pre – race and Race with distinction at all levels.